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IDTechEx  2018

Come see us at IDTechEx  2018  Nov. 14-15

The Founder

TF Massif IDTechEx 2017 Santa Clara

Mr TFmassif

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Mr TFmassif

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SGIA Show 2017

SGIA Show   Oct. 10-11


Mr TFmassif

IDTechEx 2017

Come see us at IDTechEx  2017  Nov. 15-16

IDTech Award Winner TF Massif (Best New Product 2016)

Mr TFmassif

IDTechEx 2016

Nov. 2016 Santa Clara Calf.                                                                                  

The IDTechex Elec. Flex conference was held and our first time exhibiting to the public, We would like to thank the Exhibition for acknowledging our efforts with this Award for Best New Product Development.


Mr TFmassif