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Sleek & Beautiful


Leading The Way in Large Format Thin Film Electronics


Sleek & Beautiful


Imagine the possibilities of BIG cost effective circuits that will open up whole new markets and possibilities. Roll up light weight floor banners or ceiling hanging banners. Ridge stand alone cardboard signs, and store end caps. Emergency light weight portable road signage. Peel and stick signage applied directly to walls, Promotional Electronic signs on sides of Trucks & Buses.

Sleek & Beautiful

Largest in the world

Get noticed. SeeIT displays builds the world’s largest flexible electrified signs and assemblies offered. Nobody does it bigger and more efficient than using circuits from TFMassif.

Sleek & Beautiful

Cost Effective

With 40 years of experience in thin film assemblies and working with a cross disciplinary team combining material, electrical, mechanical and print engineers. TF Massif has developed a proprietary Large Area Roll to Roll selective process. That has given us the ability to fabricate the most cost effective conductive Large Area Flexible Printed Circuits in the world

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Sleek & Beautiful

Interactive Adverting Displays

Make sure your next event will stand out with a custom call to action

Sleek & Beautiful

Product Pop Up

Excellent visual stimuli to differentiate your product from the competition

Sleek & Beautiful

Hanging Flexable Display

Embed your company slogan in uplifting and interactive displays

Sleek & Beautiful

Promotional Display

Display your store promotions in a fun and interactive way

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November 18, 2016 No Comments

IDTechEx 2016

"We believe that printed electronics has large potential in the POP industry, where flexibility and a need to stand-out-from the-crowd is needed. This development will help to bring printed electronics to that market." Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx http://www.printedelectronicsworld.com/articles/10235/idtechex-printed-electronics-usa-2016-award-winners

November 14, 2016 No Comments

IDTechEx 2017

Come see us at our booth at IDTechEx 2017 Nov. 15-16 http://www.idtechex.com/events/summary/U17/