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Large Format
Printed Electronics

about the process

With our simple and fully integrated technology solution, graphics are directly printed onto our proprietary electronic banners material on a roll to roll basis, and the lighting circuits are created using large format print equipment.   Programmable RBG LEDs and sensors are then imbedded within the design to create desired lighting effects and interactivity level.   

Smart and illuminated flexible electronic signs

Using our proprietary extra-large area and flexible electronic media, TF Massif, developed a fully integrated electronic banner solution product that is now available for licensing through our marketing arm, CAPTIVA Innovations. CAPTIVA enables progressive print shops to leap into the new digital world and produce dynamically illuminated and smart electronic banners and signs, in-house, using their existing large-format manufacturing platforms.


Our unique programmable LED enhanced electronic banners are not only paper-thin and truly flexible but also user friendly. Built with practicality in mind, our products are battery operated or direct plug-in, can be rolled for ease of transportation and storage, and offer options for Near Field Communication (NFC) and other sensor integrations.   


CAPTIVA  eBanners and signs are being used  throughout many industries to attract attentionengage audiences and enforce branding.  There are especially effective at trade shows, conferences and sports events, as well as in the retail industry as point of purchase (POP) signages.  Other applications for our LED banner product include wallpaper, wall art, or integrated in other products to add dynamic lighting and connectivity.


Mermaid Wall Art


e-Active Wallpaper

To find out more about our smart and illuminated eBanners, please visit our CAPTIVA website. 


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